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What should you look for when having jewellery valued?

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Why do I Need to have my jewellery valued?
Your important pieces of jewellery need to be protected against loss, theft, and accident by insurance, The trauma of a burgulary or  other unforseen disaster is compounded when insurance will only cover a small percentage of your precious treasures.

Why use a registered Valuer ?
Registered valuers have years of experience in the jewellery trade ,and have undergone studies in the fields of Gemmology, Diamond grading, Diamond Technology ,and jewellery valuing in order to gain Government recognised diplomas  and registration with the Valuers Council.Their qualifications are the only ones recognised by the Gemmological association of Australia, and the Insurance council of Australia.Registered Valuers must attend seminars and regular update courses to maintain registration and be equipped to place an accurate value on your jewellery.

How often should valuations be done?
It Is important that you have your items updated every two or three years. 
. To ensure that you will be able to replace them in the event of loss if prices increase.
.To ensure that you are not paying excessive premiums if prices decrease.
 To note any wear and tear that needs repairing ,and we also clean your jewellery for you .


About CJ Burchell
Carma is the third generation in the family jewellery business, a registered Jewellery Valuer, Gemmologist and Diamond grader, with a over twelve years valuing experience locally and in Sydney, she has seen some of the finest pieces master craftsmen have made

Carma started work at the age of fourteen in her grand fathers shop W.E.Burchell PTY LTD (est 1922)  providing the frame work of knowledge and experience needed  to become proficient with ascertaining the quality a identification of various styles and techniques in the jewellery industry.

Inherited knowledge has been blended with the newer qualifications the industry has developed, creating a unique knowledge base from which to draw upon, Carma's Grandfather was a jeweller and clock maker, Her father has over fifty  five years experience with watches, clocks and jewellery ,her brother Hamish is a Master Jeweller and hand engraver ,and her mother Norma has a lifetime of experience with a passion for  pearl threading and  has been in  the retail jewellery industry.

Diploma of Gemmology,
Diploma of Diamond Technology,

Certificates in.
 Practical diamond grading,
Jewellery consultants course,
Jewellery and gemstone valuation,
Synthetics and gemmology update,

Registered with the
 National Council of Jewellery Valuers ,N559
Gemmological Association of Australia.

Why is there a cost for performing a valuation?
Isn't it just a matter of looking at the piece and guessing as price?

(if I was that psychic I would have won lotto by now).

The valuation is done from a scientific approach, using the latest technology in  testing equipment and procedures, current tabulations of precious and semi-precious   a strong knowledge of the manufacturing techniques used  in the various markets from antique, imported, and today's local jewellery construction.
The valuation is performed after your jewellery has received a clean and a comprehensive inspection. You will then receive a valuation certificate  featuring a full description of your jewellery, including gram and carat weights, the identification of the type of stones colour clarity and cut. Manufacturing techniques, a colour photo to help identify you pieces and it's current financial value.


What other types of valuations can

 be done?

Registered Valuers perform valuations for many reasons:

Retail replacement.

Estate division.

fair market value.


Divorce settlement / legal purposes.

Private sale.

Industry associated issues.

Technical identification.

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 02 48 622 699


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